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Brio Tattoo provides custom order services for our clients to get a personal and unique tattoo. Let's do it step by step:



Go through tattoo designs on the internet or sketch your own idea. Primarily you should have made your decision on the position, size and style of your tattoo


Whatsapp us on (852) 9520-4854 to provide the following information:

1)      Your name

2)      Brief description of your idea & the design with 1-4 inspiration photos, if any

3)      Placement

4)      Size

5)      Is it a cover-up or touchup of an old tattoo? If so, please attach a recent photo of it

6)      Is it used to cover a scar/body mark? If so, please stay the cause/time it was formed with a recent photo


A prepaid and non-refundable consultation fee is required to book for a consultation session.  We will inform you the amount once the above-stated information has been received. FYI, usually designs no bigger than a palm's size, the consultation time will be less than 15 min and the fee shall be HK$600. For larger designs like back-piece, sleeve-work, cover-up or touchup work, you may need a consultation session of 30-60 min. The consultation fee will then be HK$1,200 minimum.


Bring along all necessary information like pictures and drawings for us to study what's in your mind. During the consultation session, we will discuss with you details and eligibility of your tattoo in order to finalize the best elements in question. Relevant advices shall be provided. The price will then be quoted depending on the size, color and the required level of skill of the tattoo work .


If you are fine with the details and the price, a 50% deposits (minimum HK$500) is required for us to prepare the design and to make an appointment for the tattoo work . An invoice stating the details and amount paid will be issued for your custody.



The prepaid consultation fee can be used to offset the price of the corresponding tattoo if you pay the deposits within 14 days of the consultation session.


In case you need extra consultation sessions, please note that consultation fee is required for each session. However, only fee for one session can be used to offset the tattoo price. Thus it is wiser to well prepare yourself before you come for the consultation session so you do not have to waste your time and money


Please understand that we arrange our schedule on a first-come-first-served basis. You may wait for a few days to 6 weeks' time till your appointment date.


The tattoo work will be carried out on the preset day if you are satisfied with the design. Where there is any alteration, it depends on the extent of alteration to decide whether you can have the tattoo done the same day or have to make another appointment.


Please note that your artist needs time to do research, draft and refine the design whilst it is his/her personal and heartfelt work . In order to secure the smoothness of the design process and the artist's work, any request of sending you the design beforehand shall not be entertained.


The tattoo for custom order is deliberately designed for the client to have a personal and unique artwork and will not be applied to any other clients in the future.




[紋藝閣]  觀塘開源道56號大衆工業大厦2/F 62室   

Room 62, 2/F, Genplas Industrial Building, 56 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong


WhatsApp:  (852) 9520-4854           Business Hours: 3pm - 8pm (closed on Wed/Sun/PH)


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